Although Albacete has a small airport, international travellers will find it easier to travel to the nearby cities of Madrid, Alicante or Valencia. From these cities, Albacete can be reached by bus or train. Information about train times can be found in Renfe website, whilst information about bus connections is available in the ALSA website. You can reach the University Campus by bus (line C), by taxi, or on foot, if you do not care walking for about half an hour.


From Madrid

The international airport of Madrid Barajas received a number of flights from all over the world. Its webpage provides a lot of information about routes, airlines and so on. It has four terminals, be sure which one is yours. Once you arrived to Madrid, you can take a train to the main railway stations (Atocha or Chamartín), or to the “South Coach station” Méndez Álvaro (C-1 line, see here a map). Note that there is a “transit free bus” between terminals. Check the alsa timetable, some coaches to Albacete leave directly from the airport!

The duration of the trip to Albacete ranges from 90 min. (high speed train) to 3 h. (coach).

Of course you can always take a taxi from the airport to any of the stations, or hire a car and drive to Albacete (2:30h. by highway) if you plan to visit other places during your stay in Spain.

From Valencia

The international airport of Valencia is another option near Albacete. From Valencia Airport you can take a taxi to the station, or the metro. Metro station “Xátiva” is the stop for the railway station, and metro station “Túria” is the one for the coach station.

From Alicante

There are a number of flights to the international airport of Alicante from several important cities. As a tourists’ destination, there are charter flights during the summer, check your options when booking. Several bus lines connect the airport with the center of Alicante. Alicante is only 171 km. from Albacete, and there are several trains and buses from Alicante to Albacete (visit Renfe or alsa). You can also hire a car and reach Albacete in about one and a half hour by highway.

If you need directions from any other place, please ask the organizing committee.

The workshop will be held at:

University of Castilla-La Mancha, Albacete Campus, Spain