The practical implementation of Bayesian thinking into pharmaceutical research has been slow due to either important computational challenge, lack of Bayesian education in the bio-statistical community or reluctance of regulatory authorities on the usefulness of the Bayesian approach.

However, recent developments Clinical trials such as adaptive designs, in Non-Clinical, in Model Based Drug Development and in Health economics paradigms indicate the rising interest, added value and business impact of Bayesian applications.

The objective of the workshop is multifold:

– Present of some applied case studies in the clinical, non-clinical and CMC settings
– Highlight the participants about some success stories and impact of the Bayesian thinking
– Promote the Bayesian thinking and practices within the pharmaceutical industry.
– Underline the advantages of Bayesian modeling for science and business
– Offer opportunities for statisticians for reorientation within the changing environment of the (bio)pharmaceutical world.
– Show and update participants on the new numerical solutions making Bayesian statistics an easy journey.

TheĀ  draft program of the conference is available here.