*Please note that the programme is provisional and might slightly change in the next few days

The word version of the program can be downloaded here.

The pdf version of the program including the abstracts can be found here.


Day 1 – Tuesday, 21st May 2019

13:30 – 14:00     Registration & Welcome coffee

14:00 – 18:00      Course: How to practically implement adaptive design?  (SLIDES)

Adrian Mander and James Wason, MRC Biostatistics Unit, University of Cambridge

Including coffee break (15:45 – 16:15)


Day 2 – Wednesday, 22nd May 2019

08:00 – 08:40  Registration continued

08:40 – 09:00  Welcome to the main conference


Session 1        Session Theme: Decision making in digitalized world

Chair: Emmanuel Lesaffre


09:00 – 09:45     Invited talk: Prof. Kerrie Mengersen, Queensland University of Technology, Australia  (SLIDES)

Bayesian Learning for Decision Making in the Big Data Era

09:45 – 10:05     Marmaduke Woodman (University of Aix-Marseille)  (SLIDES)

Translational Neuroscience: from dynamical systems to personalized medicine

10:05 – 10:25     Pantelis Samartsidi  (University of Cambridge)  (SLIDES)

A Bayesian multivariate factor analysis model for evaluating an intervention using observational time-series data on multiple outcomes

10:25 – 10:45     Yingbo Wang (Novartis Pharma AG)  (SLIDES)

Bayesian non-inferiority design borrowing strength from historical controls with a meta-analytic-predictive approach

10:45 11:15 Coffee Break & Sweeties

11:15 – 11:35     Alice Gosselin (Sanofi)  (SLIDES)

Comparison Study for Matching Methodologies for Historical Data Borrowing

11:35 – 11:55  Marta Pittavino (University of Geneva)  (SLIDES)

A Bayesian hierarchical model to integrate dietary exposure and biomarker measurements for the risk of cancer


11:5512:05     180 seconds challenge:

  • Moran (University of Adelaide, Australia) 

Evidence Synthesis: a comparison of Bayesian and frequentist approaches

  • Noel Cressie (University of Wollongong – Australia)  (SLIDES)

Bayesian forecasting of infectious diseases with SIRS models


12:05 – 13:30 Lunch time

13:30 – 13:40 Serious Game


Session 2        Session Theme: Bayesian modeling

Chair: Laurent Estève


13:40 – 14:25    Invited talk: Prof. Jean-Michel Marin, University of Montpellier  (SLIDES)

Bayesian model choice

14:25 – 14:45     Amy Shi  (SLIDES)

Introducing the BGLIMM Procedure for Bayesian Generalized Linear Mixed Models

14:45   – 15:05     Sophie Ancelet (Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire, Paris)

A Bayesian Poisson mixture model for model selection and dose estimation in biological retrospective dosimetry

15:05– 15:25    Haitao Chu (University of Minnesota)  (SLIDES)

A Bayesian Hierarchical Model Estimating CACE in Meta-analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials with Noncompliance

15:25 – 15:55 Coffee Break



Session 3        Session Theme: Non-linear modeling

Chair: Astrid Jullion


15:55 – 16:40    Invited talk: Dr. François Mercier, Roche  (SLIDES)

Bayesian non-linear disease progression models

16:40 – 17:00    Antoine Pissoort (Pharmalex)  (SLIDES)

A Bayesian Disease progression model of Parkinson Disease combining RWD and natural history data to evaluate a new treatement

17:00 – 17:20    Maud Hennion (Pharmalex)  (SLIDES)

Pharmacokinetic Model with SAS – Proc MCMC with applications to preclinical pharmacology

17:20 – 17:40    Fabiola La Gamba (Janssen Pharmaceutica)  (SLIDES)

Bayesian sequential integration within a preclinical PK/PD modeling framework: Lessons learned

17:40 – 17:50 Day 2 closure & Social event details


19:30 – 23:00 Social Event


Day 3 – Thursday, 23rd May 2019

08:00 – 08:20  Registration continued

08:20 – 08:30  Welcome to Day 3


Session 4        Session Theme: Designing clinical trials

Chair: Heinz Schmidli


08:30 – 09:15     Invited talk: Dr. Kaspar Rufibach, Roche  (SLIDES)

Bayesian Predictive Power: Theory, challenges in implementations and perspectives

09:15 – 09:35    Arnaud Monseur (Pharmalex)  (SLIDES)

From Power and Assurance to Bayesian Power: application to probability of success 

09:35 – 09:55    Astrid Jullion (Novartis)  (SLIDES)

Probability of success: a viable concept to inform the early development of a topical drug 

09:55 – 10:15    Samuel Pawel (University of Zurich)  (SLIDES)

Predictive Evaluation of Replication Studies 

10:15 10:45 Coffee Break & Sweeties

10:45 – 11:05    Charlotte Micheloud (University of Zurich)  (SLIDES)

Sample Size Calculation for Replication Studies 

11:05 – 11:25    Annette Kopp-Schneider (German Cancer Research Center) (SLIDES)

Use of external information in clinical trials: What can be gained in terms of frequentist power? 

11:25 – 12:10    Invited talk: Prof. Dr. Eric-Jan Wagenmakers, Amsterdam University, NL

Bayesian benefits for the pragmatic biostatistician   (SLIDES)

12:10 – 13:25 Lunch time

13:25 – 13:35 Serious Game


 Session 5        Session Theme: Inference in clinical research

Chair: Bruno Boulanger


13:35 – 13:55    180 seconds challenge

  • Sylvia Calderazzo (German cancer research center)  (SLIDES)

Bayesian clinical trials design and evaluation: a decision-theoretic view 

  • Maha Alsefri (University of Liverpool)  (SLIDES)

Bayesian joint modelling of longitudinal and time to event data: A review of methods and issues

  • Audrey Larue-Triolet (BioMérieux)  (SLIDES)

Bayesian method to predict the probability to comply to the criteria for a future study or to monitor a new study

13:55 – 14:40    Invited talk: Prof. Sara Geneletti, London School of Economics, UK

Causal inference in clinical research    (SLIDES)

14:40 – 15:00    Burak Kürsad Günhan (University Medical Center Göttingen)  (SLIDES)

Model-based meta-analysis using arm-based models 


15:00 – 15:20    Jing Zhang (University of Maryland)

Bayesian joint meta-regression methods adjusting for post-randomization variables in network meta-analysis? 

15:20 – 15:40    Kelly R. Moran (Duke University)  (SLIDES)

Bayesian hierarchical factor regression models to infer cause of death from verbal autopsy data 

15:40 16:10 Coffee Break & Sweeties

Session 6        Session Theme: Bayesian Statistics in CMC

Chair: Didier Poirault


16:10 – 16:55     Invited talk: Dr. Mike Denham, GSK, UK:

Bayesian Statistics in CMC  (SLIDES)

16:55 – 17:15    Piotr Juszczak (Roche Diagnostics)

On supporting development of diagnostic assays with Bayesian modelling and simulation  

17:15 – 17:35    Bernard G Francq (GSK Vaccines)  (SLIDES)

Bayesian Coefficients of Variation in Linear Mixed Models, Random Effects and Precision in Assay Qualification

17:35 – 17:55    Xiaolong Luo (Celgene Corporation)  (SLIDES)

Comparison of Bayesian Multivariate Models for Detecting Safety Signals in Clinical Trials

17:55               BAYES2020 Announcement


Day 4 – Friday, 24th May 2019

08:00 – 08:20  Registration continued

08:20 – 08:30  Welcome to Day 4


Session 7        Session Theme: Bayesian statistics for 21st century cures

Chair: Leonhard HELD


08:30 – 09:10     J. Jack Lee, Ying Yuan, Department of Biostatistics, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center  (SLIDES)

Bayesian Model-Assisted Designs and Their Applications for Early Phase Clinical Trials – When Simplicity Meets Superiority

09:10 – 09:30    Forrest Williamson (Eli Lilly and Company)   (SLIDES)

Bayesian applications in rare disease clinical trial research 

09:30 – 09:50    Barbara Wendelberger (Berry Consultants, USA)  (SLIDES)

Guiding clinical trial design for a rare disease using natural history data and Bayesian disease progression modeling 

09:50 – 10:10    Angély Loubert (Université de Lyon)  (SLIDES)

Combination of prior distributions elicited from expert opinions previous to Bayesian inference. Application to personalized medicine

10:10 10:40 Coffee Break & Sweeties

10:40 – 11:00    Pierre Colin (Sanofi)  (SLIDES)

Use of Probability of Success – A way to manage more available information 

11:00 – 11:20    Anna Pöhlmann (University of Bamberg, Germany)  (SLIDES)

An R Shiny App to design and analyse basket trials in Oncology

11:20 – 11:40    Oliver Sailer (Boehringer Ingelheim)  (SLIDES)

Exploring early interim analyses in basket designs in Oncology 

11:40 – 12:00    Haiyan Zheng (Newcastle University)  (SLIDES)

Bayesian basket trial designs for borrowing of information across similar subpopulations 

12:00 – 12:15 Closing Event & lunch



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